Wednesday, 13 July 2011

This town, is coming like a ghost town . . . . 

This year is the 30th birthday of the song "Ghost Town" by the Specials a song that defined an era, it is one of my favourite songs by the specials and i thought i would shear this article and interview i stumbled across on the independent online.  
check out the video after the article Iconic !

The Specials' biggest hit was eerily prophetic about inner-city malaise in Thatcherite Britain in 1981 - and went to number one just as rioting erupted throughout the nation. Hugh Montgomery charts the story behind the song, while Paul Bignell and Mike Higgins speak to the key players

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Strikers are taking to the streets. Youth unemployment is rife. The political and economic parallels between Britain in 2011 and 1981 may be self-evident, but musical reactions to today's tempestuous times are conspicuous by their scarcity. Thirty years ago, however, there was one anthem that defined that summer of discontent. On 11 July 1981, the Specials' "Ghost Town" hit the top of the charts, where it stayed for three weeks – the day before it reached No 1, rioting erupted across Britain. It was an elegiac portrait of the band's Coventry home town, but its message resonated far beyond the Midlands, chiming with a country feeling the bite of Thatcherite cuts and galvanised into unrest by April's Brixton riots. "Government leaving the youth on the shelf ... No job to be found in this country," Neville Staple and Terry Hall memorably sang to a backdrop of strident brass, haunted-house organ and loping bass, the groove's eerie Middle Eastern flavour as unsettling as the lyrics. Meanwhile, to compound the disquiet, the video offered a road trip through post-apocalyptically empty London streets.
The unrest contained within the song mirrored the band's own struggles. Formed in 1977, the group became pioneers of a cross-cultural sound that fused the languor of reggae music with the raw anger of punk. Meanwhile the founding by their chief songwriter, Jerry Dammers, of the 2 Tone Record label fermented the sound into a bona fide youth movement, snappily suited and multiracial. By 1981, however, and despite hits including "Gangsters" and "Too Much Too Young", they found themselves hobbled by internecine troubles, which came to a head just as "Ghost Town" peaked. Hall, Staple and Lynval Golding walked out on the group following an appearance on Top of the Pops.
Since then, the band has been through various incarnations and re-formations, though never achieving the same impact. In 2009 they embarked on a glowingly received 30th-anniversary reunion tour, but the hope of seeing the full, original line-up back together remains a distant one: Dammers and his former bandmates continue to be estranged. Their legacy, nevertheless, lives on, with the influence of their sound reaching far and wide, from Massive Attack to Lily Allen. Now here's hoping that some more acts see fit to pick up their political, as well as musical, mantle.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Tattoos and Illustration 

I have been looking at some tattoos from the website that are more like illustration, i am thinking of getting a tattoo and this is just some ideas that i would go with. Plus the imagery from these photographs from "we heart it" are beautiful along with the striking Tattoo images.
I just need to work out which ones "i heart" the most for inspiration for my own designs for my own tattoo.

Chantilly Lace

I have been sorting through  some of my vintage lace and trimmings to sell on E-bay but i got carried away with making patterns with it all, there are just so many different varieties here are some of the patterns that i come up with and that i have logged.

Whilst i was sorting out my vast collection of vintage lace i could not get this song out of my head. . . . .

"Helllo Baaaaaabbbbbyyy!!!"

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Po Mizuho Ide
My Friend Po Is a Textile Designer Maker/Illustrator based in London, she has an irresistible enthusiasm for creating unique hand-made textiles, with a touch of quirkiness that makes people happy.  She studied at the University College Falmouth and graduated in 2010 with a BA hons.  Here are some of her creations :-

Check out her website !!!!

Photo Shoot 

Photos of some of the jewellery i have made . . . with some help from my sister !

Sunday, 1 May 2011


On a day like today when the weather has been a bit gloomy music always helps and I always smile with David Bowie paying in the background, love him !!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Not A Cross Word!

here are some more makes that have been busy making, there are many more so look out for more post like these i will put more up soon x 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Frida Kahlo 

I have this image of Frida Kahlo on my wall i just think that it is so beautiful and powerful, and the colours are just amazing. 

One of my most Favourite Artist, Frida Kahlo is with out doubt an inspiring and extraordinary woman and artist.  Her work is a representations of Experiences, feelings, frustrations and her making sense of the world. Her life throw so much at her most of which was challenging for her, but she always found strength in what she was faced with, and in tern created some of the most influential works of art.

"I don't paint dreams or nightmares.
I paint my own reality"

Frida Kahlo

"Born July 6, 1907 in the town of Coyoacán in Mexico, Frida Kahlo survived many difficult events in her life, including contracting polio as a child, a long recovery from a serious car accident, two failed marriages, and several miscarriages.

She used these experiences, combined with strong Mexican and Native American cultural influences, to create highly personal paintings. Kahlo used personal symbolism mixed with Surrealism to express her suffering through her work. A viewer might classify her paintings as Surrealism or Magic Realism, but she considered her art to be realistic"
Taken from

I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.
Frida Kahlo

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Falmouth Vintage Flea Market 

Here is just a snippet of some of the treats on offer at falmouth vintage Flea Market see if you can spot my stuff x 

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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hand Made @ The Polly 

I took part in the new event "Hand  Made at the Polly" In Falmouth organised by Lulu Bee, here are some photos of the event . . . . . . 

Moustache & Games 

here are some more makes of mine, Moustache and Games a bit of fun Jewellery, i have been collecting all different random bits and bobs here is what i turn them in to . . . . .