Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A walk along the beach  

Today I thought that  would go for a walk so I desicdeed to go to the beach, I needed so air and needed to collect some things for a workshop plus I  always feel inspired when I go to the beach.

It was cold and the sea was so noisy today

The weather was such a mix of beautiful sunshine and thundery spells

 Massive clouds would roll in from nowhere and it would make you feel like they had sunk up on you 

When the clouds were so dark  on side and bright another it had a sense of stormmy atmosphere
but it was ok it was so nice to get some fresh air into my lungs today , I walked up and down the beach serching for pebbles and stones for one of my workshops, hardly anyone was around it was strange.

Here are some of my findings 

All The Things I Have Overcome & All the things I Am Yet To Learn

"All The Things that I have Overcome" & "All the Things I Am Yet To Learn"

I have been scanning the massive amount of Tags that were added to the installation of the MA exhibition. it is overwhelming just how many I had added to the massive amounts that were already sent to me through the internet. this is just a few pages of scanned Tags I will up load different ones every now and then.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Arts for Health  

I have been looking in to different ways arts crafts and creativity can help improve health and well being for all types of people. this is one of the organisations that has inspired me. please take a look.

"Creative activity has been proven to have tangible effects on physical health, increase self-esteem, provide a sense of purpose, develop social skills, help community integration and improve quality of life.  Creative application of the arts can also dramatically improve the environments within which health and social care are delivered, bringing wide ranging benefits to those using them."
taken from the website