Friday, 30 January 2009

Giles Deacon

Other giant Knits which I have been inspired by are These By Giles Deacon, These massive Knits are Amazingly Massive, using all different types of Wool.
The knitting needles must be huge to create this type of tight knit with big wool. I love how they are just wrapped around the body like a massive duvet.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Artty Tee's

Gap Artist T-Shirts

-Shirts as a canvas; Gap Artist edition T-Shirts. 13 Different artist design limited addition T-Shirts. Jeff Koons, Barbara Kuger, Chuck Close and many more.
In May 2008 Gap launched their limited addition t-shirts all designed by famous artist.
This is an example of how art becomes design and then a product but has a sense of being a one off at the same time as they are limited addition.
This is something which I am currently looking in to creating a cross over in to these areas. Art can become a design product or desin product can become a piece of art. but it is about making it clear what it is and then how you show this. I think that these t-shirts are a perfect example of this cross over or thin line between one area and another.
I think that the T-shirt idea of showing the cross over is quit important its like being a die hard fan of a band like Led Zep and owning al the T-shirts. I like the idea of owning a limited products thing which like t-shirts, I collect Records/Lp's original albums not just because I like the music but because I like the art work.
I have currently been in charge of the PR of the University radio station and have been designing T-shirts, hoddies and flyers for the radio and different radio shows. I have been using the influence of "The Wrong hand" to create the designs and it has made me understand just how the cross over can be made with my art and designs.

Artty Tee's for Gap May 2008

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


I have been thinking BIG as well as small.

I have been thinking of scale and how this could work if I used Knots and kitted within objects made from video tape.
I have come across these artist and designers who have managed to create giant Knits:

Sebastian Schönheit, a design student at the Bauhaus Universty Weimar Germany.
One of his projects is the knitted carpet, his oversized knit work looks as if it could have come from a different. This is a hand knitted carpet, it represents what it is but also it represents the processes of work as a preforming act.
His intentions are to create a product identity creating a reference to material and hand craft tradition.
I an inspired by the simplicity of the end result and how much impact that scale and performance makes it what it is just by a few images.
I could imagine this just how it would be as a live exhibition performance.

Bauke Knottnersus is an artist from the Netherlands.
His approaches to design is on a macro level using large threads to create large scale woven objects.
The objects can be arranged in anyway which suites, the giant threads can be knit, woven or simply piled to a variety interior products.
I think that they are Brilliant it reminds me of the film "Honey I shrunk the kids" or "The Borrowers"

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Knitted Jewellery

I have been looking at knitted accessories, sometimes they can be uncomfortable, strange and unwearable. But I came across this which I think is pretty sweet, lovely in fact, its from a company called lady luck their pieces are fun and pleasing. This piece I think is lovely and gives me pause for thought.

The Wrong Hand

The Wrong Hand Doll

One of the gifts that I designed for Christmas gifts was this one the wrong hand doll.
When I was unable to use my right hand I used my left hand to draw and design things and the wrong hand doll became one of them.
I have three younger sisters so one of the ideas which I came up with for them was to make a wrong hand doll as well as t-shirts designed by the wrong hand also.
The wrong hand doll came about because I was doodling whilst thinking of what to draw instead the wrong hand doll came from it.
I made a pattern from the sketches I doodled and then stitched it together when my wrist was a bit better.
But because the pattern was not as well drawn to start with meant that the outcome would look like it had been done with one hand.
I made a small collection of these dolls and gave them away as gifts to my sisters and friends for Christmas.
I know that they are not amazingly put together but in some way they became special because they were created by using the wrong hand.
They do have a strange vodo doll feel to them but yet they also have a homely home made feel,
each one is different slightly so no one is the same.
I think that as gifts the wrong hand dolls worked for me this Christmas, they seamed to be appreciated especially that they had been made whilst I had only full use of one hand.


Joanne Haywood

Joanne makes jewellery by knitting, crocheting and stitching and mixing it with a mettle to create jewellery. She explores the materials and she draws on the contradictions of opposites to create a physical objects that is her jewellery.

When I stumbled on to Joanna's web site I felt inspired, I love the fun yet complex ideas behind the finished pieces.
It made me think about how my own work would look as finished pieces especially if I am using material such as video tape.
I also felt that the vibrant colours that she uses is brave, but maybe that's because I don't use much colour, its inspired me to think of how I can incorporate colour into my work.
Person Joanne Haywood
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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

knitting and knotting

I have been looking at my knitting again now that I have full use of both my hands again.
I was inspired by the piece of string which I was given for Christmas from my brother and how we made friendship bracelets.
I have been looking at how I can incorporate it in with my Video tapes, the samples which I have made previously I have been wondering how I can shape them for jewellery.
The samples themselves look worn and have stitches dropped.

This is the Video Tape knitted as raw material it takes up more of the tape and creates a bounce within the new material.

This is the Video Tape as it is when it is stretched and then knitted, it has a net like finish but with wire like control which can be shaped.

New Year Form Me. . . . . .

Happy New Year

So its 2009 and a new year ahead, I actually spent new year in but then went to Brighton to celebrate it for a few days after.
I had never been to Brighton before, I spent tow nights and three days in Brighton, it was supposed to be a photo opportunity to walk around and take lots of photo's which I actually didn't do.
I just walked and wondered around taking in all of the atmosphere that it had to offer.
I found it quite inspirational in a strange way, its so cultural but yet it is completely British.
I loved the second hand shops down side streets, book shops packed with books from floor to ceiling.
The one off shop's which you just know that you would only find it in Brighton, and so many independent shop's selling one off items.
Brighton had quite a fun, cultural and inspiring feel to it, whilst walking around it just made me think of the design label "Red or Dead".

"Red or Dead was started by Wayne Andrew Hemingway Esq and his good lady wife, Geraldine Hemingway back in 1982. They had no money, so they emptied their wardrobes and sold them on Camden market one Saturday and before they knew it they had 16 stalls."

Taken from The Red or Dead web site. 13.01.09

Red or Dead

Thames & Hudson Ltd (Nov 1998)

"The "Red or Dead" team established preconceptions of fashion on their head, making the uncool cool, and saying the unsayable. . . . . . . ."

"The Philosophy of Red or Dead comes from my belief that design and fashion shouldn't be only for the rich. Today the whole population is bombarded by media and people have developed a seance of style or something which once preserved for the few."

By using music and culture and own experience as Hemingways inspiration he embodied the ideology of British culture.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Thoughts so far. . . . . . . .

The wrong hand, The dice, video tapes. . . . . . . .

So I have been using the dice decision and as well as working with the wrong hand and been thinking of things which could be made as products .
Now i am thinking of the work which i was doing before I broke my arm, i have been looking at how the recycled video tapes and thinking of how they can be used but using my new way thinking and working.
I think that although braking my arm was a set back it was also a blessing it made me think and adapt to things.
So first things first; I tried to look ant the matirial that iIam using and tried doing some small experiments by using the wrong hand to shape the video tapes.
I did this by just rolling the video tape to create ball like shapes and then trying to keep doing them to see how many I could make and the difference in shapes.
From this I think that I can go back to where I left off and think about ideas for jewellery whilst incorporating the wrong hand.
This is some of the shapes which I created with the wrong hand. . . . . .

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Inspiration. . . . . .

Some ideas for Christmas waste. . . . . . . .

I was looking through some of the other Bolg's that I follow (Inhabitat and I came across this, a simple yet stylish why to reuse rabbis.
Here sweet rappers have been used to make different types of bags just by using different sweet rappers.
I thought that it was appropriate to put up on my blog just after Christmas as i am sure that many of us have so much waste after Christmas especially sweet rappers.

Talk about trash to treasure! Where the rest of us saw a candy wrapper, Ecoist founders Helen and Jonathan Marcoschamer saw a material that could be re-used to create unique handbags. And they didn’t just stop at candy wrappers, they also use food packaging, soda labels, subway maps, and newspapers to weave together their stylish, study handbags. Unsurprisingly, the broad range of materials have yielded diverse aesthetics: from the bright and colorful to repeating motifs. The company offers a variety of sizes and shapes, so the eco savvy can show their style with something as small as a coin purse or as large as a tote. Now a selection of Ecoist’s handbags, including their popular Every/Any (three shown above left), are available through the Inhabitat Shop.