Thursday, 18 October 2007

Please check out PostSecrets, I have the book and think that it is fantastic. It captured my imagination, the website recently won the award for best blog of the year and also won two webbys for best Net-Art.

It all started as a community art project, just an idea, by a guy named Frank Warren. He started handing out postcards to strangers and leaving them in public places - asking them to write down a secret which they had never told anyone and then to mail it back to him, anonymously.

The response was overwhelming, the cards became a work of art themselves, the secrets both provocative and profound.

His website took on a life of its own and become a global phenomenon, exploring our individual fantasies, aspirations and frailties.

The postcards still continue to poor in, touching on every aspect of the human experience.

Let me know what your think?

This is a blade of grass that i found whilst walking around, i decided to scan it in to recreate a sad tree that i saw.