Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Monday, 12 October 2009

Post card ideas for the final MA show 

"For all the things that I have overcome" 
"For all the things that I am yet to learn"

I started to transfer all the things that I had listed on to tags that I had to had to hand, and signing them and dating them.   I liked the idea of having them all on bits of string, on lots of different lengths of string, on different size and coloured tags.  And having then all mixed up so that the viewer the reader has to read them and engage with the information that is front of them. 

so I made some mock up ideas of how I could display them, so that I could come up with ideas for post cards as well.
 "For all that I have over come" 

"For what I am yet to learn"

As part of my work for my MA i was thinking about all the things which i have over come and all the things that i am yet to learn. I have been inspired by the types of people that I have meet over the last  few months, they things which they have all over come and how simple things in life seam more important some times.
I just started to jot down all the things that i feel i have over come and all the things that I am yet to learn in to a sketch book.  I wanted to show it some how at my MA exhibition and I wanted other to get involved also, so I decided to send a e-mail to all the people that i know:

"hello all

I am currently putting together a exhibition of all my MA work

One of my Pieces is designed for people to add to it, half of it is called;

"For all the things I have over come"

and the other part is called;

"For all the things I have yet to learn"

I was wondering if you would all be able to send me a response to both of these statements and as many different responses as you like. they can be as small things or big life changing things, they can be personal, or not so personal but they all have to be about you!
such as

"I have over come my broken wrist"

"I am yet to learn to drive"
"I am yet to learn to let things go"

If you would respond to this I would be so grateful and happy, I have already listed many of my own and I am preparing them to go in to the exhibition piece.

each quote will be wrote down on a tag and hung with all the others, I will credit you all and photograph the final piece and up date it on to my blog.

if you wish to keep this private then i will not put your name on the quote.

i will look forward to hearing back from you all x
And please feel free to attend the exhibition if you can if not i will post all photos on my bog
Thank You

It was amazing and the response was just brilliant, and at some points over whelming,  I started recording them all in the same sketch book along side my own people are still telling me all the things that they have over come and what they are yet to learn. 
Now I was just left with how I would display it in my end of MA show. . . . . . .