Friday, 17 October 2008

They do say “Art Heals”; I see craft and what I do as an art form.
Walking does help, being healthy and understanding a healthy balance
between personal well-being, as well as my creative well being.
Finding a balance between design creativity and design production is

Often when the human body moves the mind moves and walking often

brings my ideas to the forefront. “My Journeys” that I take are the inspiration, the journey becomes a concept that then becomes and adds to an end product.

"My Journey"

I have been inspired by an artist named Peter Bodenham, a visual artist who
uses a varied way to work combining various materials and processes to
comprehend his images, sculptures and make site installations.

“walk and it will be solved” 2008

The way we interpret nature and humanities influence can use
interdisciplinary practice which some how is powered and framed By “The Journey” both physical and imagined.
“walk and it will be solved”

I would like to think that the process that I take is both personal and
universal. It reflects the phenomenological experience of the rural
landscape and the roots through to the urban landscape, natural and
Documenting the “Journey” as it develops and understanding the structure
of experiences as they present themselves to me makes the experience a
momentous occurrence.

I can incorporate these documentations into my design theories and
methodologies, using them within the creating process as well as my designs, which as a result adapt their own theories of meaning.
The documenting process has become an explanation for my design
development; building a library of information from all “Journeys” that I
take, this becomes part of the qualitative approach that I have adapted to
use within my practice.