Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Tar Man

I found this a long time ago and have always been interested in Biagi's work but not really understood why until now. I think that it has a lot to do with how i am revisiting childhood feelings since i have broken my wrist.
The reason why I revisited Biagi's work was because my drawings kind of reminded me of some of the object's.
This could have been at first because i have been using lots of different size black pens for my drawing which look similar to his black tar creations.
But then looking at some of Biagi's Objects I think that it is more deeper.
His work represents many things, what stands out more to me is the sense of childhood innocence that has been encaptured by this powerful medium.
By using the ultimate symbol of childhood innocence "The Teddy Bear" it immediately sparks a reaction which most can relate to.
When I look at the images of his work it evokes a sense of uncomfortable childhood feelings that I just want to be protected from.
Feelings which I have been experiencing after braking my wrist, feelings which I feel when I am trying to write or draw with the wrong hand; vulnerability; memories and rawness of experience that takes me back to when I was a child.
And then the need to feel protected. . . . . . . . .

" The real experience lies within the journey "

I think this is too true, the real experience is within the journey, especially for my self at the moment I just feel that I need to embrace it.

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