Friday, 26 December 2008


Christmas 2008 at the Witham-Holden House hold

Christmas for me was at home with the family not always what quite as i am the eldest of seven and the two youngest still believes in Santa and saint Nicolas. I made all my Christmas presents this year mainly for financial reasons but also to make the gifts more personal to the people who I give them to. Thinking that i would be the only one in the Witham Holden House hold to do so; i was quite wrong. My younger Brother Peter and his girlfriend Jo also made all their Christmas Presents for everyone, Christmas day was quite crafty experience and felt a bit like a "Blue Peter" party.

The gifts which he gave me were; Friendship bracelets which he had made himself by useing different types of knots.
A CD with a mixture of different music that he had put together himself.
A rattle snake which he made from recycled bottle tops.
And then we all got a piece of string which was loped together, it was a strange present at first but it was to get use all thinking.
Peter and Jo's idea behind the string was so that we can all play games with it together, such as cats cradle as well as teaching us some interesting knots to use in everyday life.
I found their gifts quite imaginative and fun and it got me thinking about how i could incorporate knots in to my video tape work and knitting.
The Cats cradle games brought back old memories as a child, it was funny watching us all getting tangled up in string.
The games led to us making our own friendship bracelets and my younger sisters showing me how to make scobbies and finger knitting.
I think that I am thinking of looking at other ways of knitting the video tape together with also incorporates using the wrong hand.

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