Wednesday, 18 February 2009

New Or Old

I have been thinking of materials new and old, how they work together, especially with my work as I use recycled materials. How does the material effect the reaction of a client or the viewer?

Retail Desire;
So from a retail point of view matirials efect everyaspect; a marble floor caan covey elegence where a laminate floor signals efficiency. A silk coverd bust form is traditional where one finished in brushed steel is ultra modern.
But it is not just the material themes which talk but it is also the way in which they are used and combined.

You can take a completely new material and give it a new vocabulary by using it in an unusual or unpredictable way.

New materials or variations and improvements on old and new are drivers of creative energy.

Many manufactures team up with designer, or designers team up with artist to achieve increasingly progressive thinking around the finished products or outcomes. Collaborating ideas to archive a more divers and innovative outcome.

I think that by investing heavily in research of materials it increases the retail potabilities, as well as making it a desirable material to be used in different areas.

I think that this is important for me as I use recycled material, end of life material the key to my way of working is to find other uses for it. And by looking at it from a retail point of view it does make it clear to what is classed or accepted or desirable.
I feel that the current economic climet will effect this much more and possibly the idea of a piece of plastic being as desirable as a shiny stone is not far off. People are starting to see fully the cost of living, the cost of things and just how precious certain things can be.

for me "All That Glitters is not Gold"

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