Monday, 2 March 2009

Art and Recycling

The Art of Litter

I was listening to BBC radio 4 iplayer the programe was John Wilson exploring the reasons why some artists use rubbish in their work.

Rubbish, litter, waste has great value the modern world, it is what we create as a society but society has no value in it, yet artist designers can make things out of it. So in that sense it has great value, well it does for me!

The show;

"Picasso, Dali, Georges Braque and Joan Miro all used discarded objects in their art, and in the last few decades there has been an explosion of artists using 'found objects' in their work to communicate many different messages about waste, consumerism and the dispensability of modern life."

"Some artists are campaigners and artists in equal measure. John meets Fran Crowe, who creates installations and engages in performance art with the rubbish she finds on the beaches near her Suffolk home. He also talks to Sir Peter Blake, who celebrates litter and tries to create something of aesthetic value from it, and sculptor Gavin Turk, who looks for the beauty in objects that have been thrown away."

I found this program inspiring, it is reminder of what I find so important, historically and culturally. For me waste, litter, rubbish is immediate yet valuable element which needs to be put back in to the world.

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