Sunday, 1 March 2009


Recycled Fashion Jewellery

I collect all things which inspire me in one way or another, whether it be jewellery, fashion, design objects or information on arts, artists or designers. I have been looking through some of the things that I have collected recently, and from the past, which represent my inspirations and research to the way I am working now. I am currently creating jewellery from recycled materials which i have spent the past few months researching the qualities of.
This image is from view magazine 2003, the text talks about:

"Maintaining a balance in an era of virtual communication, this age-old craft and industry continues to develop in innovative new ways . . . "

It explains how the idea of exploring a material for craft or any design; in this case paper; is even more important than before. In this day and age of the virtual world new technologies are being invented, improved and updated every minute. Working with contemporary crafts and exploring materials, especially unwanted ones such as paper, open up new doors for designers linking the traditional craft with new technologies, but even more importantly developing new innovative ways of thinking and working.

The way that I work is to explore unwanted end of life material. Looking in to the initial qualities and creating new ones.
In the image above is a necklace made by the designer Janna Syvanoja, the necklace is made up of old paper from newspapers and books. By exploring the material she has created a way of using unwanted materials. Recreating the material in to an contemporary design object means that she has created a niche for the unwanted material and her jewellery.

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