Thursday, 5 March 2009

"Mistakes in the background"

I have a new book which I just love! Mistakes in the background, the first published book by Laura Dockrill, a poet and illustrator, recently voted by The Times as one of the top ten literary talents of 2008. She has also created artwork for Kate Nash.

`Mistakes in the background' seems to becoming one of those `Marmite books', and after taking a look, I can see why... . . . . . some will embrace her style, but not all.

I first found her when I was searching for illustrations on the internet that would be good examples and research for my wrong hand illustrations. One of the links was to video of her performing her poem "Heaven Knows" which I clicked on. I was completely and pleasantly surprised by her poetry as well as the performance itself. I became a fan instantly!

Her illustrations that go with her poems are extraordinary. They have that sense of childhood playfulness and memory, yet the content plays on things which we all would not say out loud.
Its a fun story book for adults and it always makes me smile.

This is the intro page from the book scribbled in words with illustrations all around of random things.
This is a page from the book that shows her notes from the poem "Rolf Harris" which are all things she wants to do before she meets Rolf Harris.

The Video is taken from Youtube Laura Dockrill performing heaven Knows as MC Dockers.
Please if you get chance you should check some of her other stuff out i think its amazing !!

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