Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Biological Weathering

Inspiration from Biological weathering

After doing the drawing workshop a while back it has reminded me of natural elements that inspire me. The change of session's from winter, to spring have made a grate impact on how I see what inspires me. In the drawing workshop I found myself drawing the weds and flowers that grew through the concrete and stone.

I have always been interested by the idea that nature will always push through, and how nature is stronger than we think. So recently I have been paying more attention the natural surroundings around me and taking photos of Biological weathering.

I just find it fascinating that something can grow in the strangest of places such as on top of a wall because it has grown up through the cracks.

It has made me think of the matirials that I use and relationship we link with things such as plastic bags, concrete and the natural environment. If a competently man made concrete building can work along side plants trees and nature and sit harmonise in the landscape. Why cant the everyday carrier bag for example be recreated from wast to do a similer thing.

I am Becoming more and more interested in the idea of creating something for space which could be in or out side that then in turn has its own biological weathering. The waste that I collect I am trying to place them in different surroundings environments to see what the reaction would be. Both in a human sense and a biological seance.

To create a vessels for growth or a sculpture for space that worked with or around nature is really important to me. This mirrors the idea in some ways of working within restrictions or growing within restrictions, but creating the restrictions for growth. In the same way this unpredictably happened when i broke my wrist.

Biological weathering as part of my inspiration . . . . .

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