Friday, 21 August 2009

Biological Weathering/Growth/Human Nature

Things that grow in the cracks in the garden at 20 Norfolk road, I have always been inspired by the way things grow and where things can grow. The fact that a seed can fly miles away from where it original was and find a crack a bit of water and something to hold on to and then grow. . . . . . . .Well this just fascinates me, I always connect it with situations with experiences that have happened to me or other people. Connecting the fact we as humans grow every single day, might not be in an obvious sense but we over come so much the equivalents of "concrete's", "suffecation", "Restriction" we face it all the time but these things which stand in our way make way for something stronger.
we can all grow no matter what just like these plants, we can push through anything.. . . .

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