Thursday, 27 August 2009

 DOTT Cornwall

Not that long ago I was invited to attend the DOTT Cornwall talk by the people who organise the project. I found it really intresting wiht the way that they comunicate with poepole and comunities about design. 


Dott (Designs of the time) is a national programme devised by the Design Council. It aims to encourage the best use of design to drive new thinking and ideas that produce innovative solutions to complex problems and help make the UK a more competitive, creative and Sustainable nation.

Dott is based on the principle that innovation thrives on the creativity of many. It is a programme, which brings people together with designers to identify, and then create practical solutions to the issues which affect their lives and environment.

Cornwall is on its own ambitious trajectory. With the goal of establishing a more knowledge-based economy, Cornwall is ideally placed to both benefit from and to inspire a Dott programme. Dott Cornwall would be built on the interplay between creativity, community and innovation and would help Cornwall find a new way to develop sustainable solutions to its social, environmental and economic issues.

How does DOTT work?

People of Cornwall. It will work alongside existing initiatives and add value to projects in a number of ways.  The Dott Cornwall Partnership has agreed these initial aims: How does Dott work? Dott is developed with host partner organizations to respond directly to the region’s own priorities and challenges. Content is shaped with a local programme team, exploring links with existing initiatives and projects.

Design teams work with local people to co-design the programme’s projects, drawing on a range of design tools to analyses and understand the community’s issues. Then they use visualization and prototyping skills to generate ideas and solutions.

To effect cultural change in the way organisations approach Where has Dott been tried? The first Dott happened in the North East. Around 200,000 people, including 16,000 school children, were either directly involved or experienced the activities in some way. Citizens acted both as clients and co-designers of sustainable solutions in areas such as rural transport, health, energy and food. The resulting projects delivered long-term benefits. To find out more about Dott 07 go to 





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