Friday, 21 August 2009

Work Experience, and Workshops

Inflatables workshop

Another summer schools workshop was the inflatables workshop, which again i had never thought of doing before but must say was lucky to be part of these work shops. Based on the idea of creating shapes from plastic bags and taping them together and filling them with are so that it creates massive sculptures. This work shop it was at the end of the week before the students
leave to go home, and as a fun task to for them we split them in to 3 group and each group had to come up with a design and create their own sculpture which we would all inflate at the end of the work shop out side in the sunshine. The group that I worked with decided to try and make a massive inflatable fish with big googly eyes and balloon's attached to it. they drew it all out on a piece of paper and planed who cut and stuck which part and off we went.

I must say it was so much fun the students were encouraged to make the inflatables as big as they liked with extra bits added on to them, basicly encouraged to think BIG!

This is our end result of what we made our big misshaped fish

We all had to test parts of the sculptures half way through the making

We all walked with them out side to find a big space to inflate them all

I was so intrested in the work shop we did I went away to look at what sculptures other people had created, and I found this it is very good, a cleaver and fun way to create street art that gets everyone talking.

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