Sunday, 9 August 2009

Work Experience, and Workshops

"Face Your Pockets" Workshop
Chemograme and Image Transfer

One workshop I was asked to do was to organise a workshop for Ilfucome the school I visited on Wednesday the 13th May, and they arranged to visit University college Falmouth for a taster day for year 10 students with low aspirations.
The day that i had arranged to do with them was half the day after lunch, showing them around the photography centre and exhibition with a current student and then a work shop with chemogrames and a workshop with photography image transfer.

The chemograme workshop was simple as I had done this work shop before with Penryn school, and with these students being slightly older it would be a qike and easy task for them to understand.

The "Face your Pockets" workshop was inspired by a website I found a while ago called Face your Pocket, people from all over the world scan what they have in there pockets and their face to show who they were, their identity. I thought this was a good why of starting a conversation on just what a photography image was as well as talk about who we all were and what the things we had on us said about who we were.

This is some examples off the website "Face Your Pockets"
So the first thing that we did was to go to the library and take a Photocopy of our pockets and or face . . . . .so "Face our Pockets."

then we went back to the Photography centre and gave the students a tour of the whole of the photography centre from the dark rooms to the digital suite., as well as showing them the photography degree show exhibition which was up in and around the photography centre.

After the tour we started the Face your Pockets workshop and the first thing that the students had to do was paint a piece of a4 paper (thick paper) in normal house hold paint. While it was still we to place the Photocopy on to the paper image faced down and dry it well with a heat gun.

Once the Paper is dry then it needs to be put into water and the top layer of the photocopy rubbed off, it will only take the paper off and the image will stick to the paint and the texture of the paint. An Image transfer . . . . . . .. . .

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