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The POP UP Generation 

"I was reading about Pop Up restaurants, "Picture the scene: you're going out to eat at one of London's hippest new restaurants. You've dressed up and are ready for a night of intimate fine dining – trouble is, first you've got to find the place and unlike Covent Garden, there are no helpful tourist signs in the maze of quiet residential streets in Kilburn, Dalston or Brixton."

This is dining out with a difference – underground, "pop-up" restaurants in private homes are the latest foodie fad to hit London. From creative cuisine in Kilburn at MsMarmiteLover's The Underground Restaurant to nine-course vegetarian Japanese eating on slouchy sofas in Horton Jupiter's beatnik flat, called The Secret Ingredient, in east London, guerrilla dining is at the cutting edge of eating out, provided you can find the location in the first place. Even celebrities and famous restaurants are getting in on the act, with Jo Wood opening her home to paying guests and Mosimann's launching a pop-up restaurant on the bank of the Thames during the Henley Regatta. By their very nature you won't find any neon signs or overt advertising for these gigs – it's all done by word of mouth and the internet. 

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"Everyone back to mine: Pop-up restaurants in private homes are the latest foodie fad" 

 This got me thinking what else have I seen or heard about that has the same idea as "POP UP" resturant and what other "POP UP" activities can be taylurd in to the new "POP UP" generation ?

POP UP Gallery's 

Do it yourself: pop-up galleries

Even with a limited budget, it’s remarkably easy to set up your own space
"A former Italian restaurant in the heart of London's Covent Garden has become the latest venue for a "pop-up" contemporary art gallery" 
Impromptu exhibitions have been opening all over the capital city, as artists make the most of a glut of empty commercial property during the recession. I have noticed more so than ever the amount of empty space and unused shops around the streets of Falmouth, more so now that ever! is there any way of making something such as the "POP UP" idea work in Falmouth? I have come across the idea of a pop up Vintage Flea market which impressed me. I feel that this will be an area that I might look in to some more, the idea that nearly anything can be a "Pop Up" and put anywhere inspires me, I have been also thinking lately of ways to get my work out there some more maybe his could be a start ?   I also love the idea of a collective coming together to do something like this. . . . . . .  

We only have to acknowledge the empty spaces that the chain Woolworth have left, now wouldn't that just be brilliant if something popped up in an old Woolworth near you ? 

"Pick 'n' mix art: Woolworths returns as pop-up gallery"

"Woolworths has been all over the news today, thanks to the fact the much-missed stores are making their comeback on the internet. But that doesn't solve the problem of what to do with all those disused stores that are currently littering London's high streets. Many have been turned into pound shops, one in Camden briefly became a squat but many have simply been left empty and abandoned. . . . . . . 


 "What resources do you need to start up a contemporary art gallery in London? You must have inexhaustible reserves of energy, a large helping of missionary zeal, and a healthy dose of chutzpah. A network of friends willing to help out on a voluntary basis probably helps. Surprisingly, though, you don’t need much money."

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