Monday, 16 August 2010

I spent my last change on a strip of photos !

I was Stumbling the other day on stumbledupon, i try not to do it that often as it is so addictive, i don't normally post much that i find but this i just have to.

It is a website with an application to take traditional (well as much as they can be done digitally) photo booth photos, that makes the sounds and the flash and well i thought it was just wonderful had so much fun for all of half an hour until i realised that i was by myself and that it would be much more fun with others to do.

I sent it to my younger sisters to play with and take photos together, think they found it funny, it was good for them as all three of them are on summer holidays so time spent doing that was time not nagging my mum ;-)

so if you have a spear five minuets and you want to do something a bit fun cheek it out!

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