Thursday, 20 November 2008

My thoughts to this point!

I felt that because I was almost starting again with the left hand although I had all the relevant information, knowledge and skills it was a good way of just going back to basics.
Drawing what I liked writing how I felt and it become true, honest and meant more than just scribbles.

In some ways its almost going backwards but I felt it was necessary to do so and it made me think about how I could use these thought processes within my design.
So combining what I was doing before and the way I am working now.

The best way for me to understand this was to create a thought diagram of things that were important to how I create; why I create; things I liked; things that were important to me.
I then just wrote all the words that stuck out more on to pieces of paper and redefining them to a selection of words which I felt were important to my design process.

It was at this point I realised that I was not so good at making decisions before of what to do and what to do next .

remembered a workshop that I went to about a year ago by the eco-design expert Rob Holdway who runs the eco-consultancy Giraffe.
We did a series of tasks where we were given dice to make the decisions for us. They created restrictions and we had to work with them within the group that we were in.

The dice was obviously created to the company’s design criteria but it made me wonder if I could some how create something of similar idea for myself to use but with my design criteria???
So I had someone help by making the dice and I put together some of the words I had refined from my thought diagram.

I decided that i would need at least 3 dice:-

1. “Time” How long I would need to create something.
2. “Function” why would I make it/for what reason is it for
3. “Material” what material would I use to create it

But then I decided to add one more:
4. “Process” how would I make it/create it.

Now this is just an idea and for me to see if it works I would need to roll the dice and record the outcomes, as it is difficult for me at the moment to create something.
But I think for my own design ideas and development this would be an extremely useful experiment and could change?

To be continued . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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