Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Wrong hand

I have been working with the wrong hand now for over a month.
i have put together four sketchbooks and have been doing extra drawings and illustrations, so just experimenting with different mediums.

I have Four so far;
*"The Wrong Hand" part one
is the journey of day to day things i do and how I achieve them with one hand in a cast.

*"The Wrong Hand" part two starts of as a journey like part one but i seam to focus more on the drawings of things i find and notes of ideas and thoughts.

*"The Wrong Hand" part three i decided to create a book of thoughts, words lists and poems of things i feel or come across or dreams that I have.

"The Wrong Hand" Part four is a book which is for just things so everyday things that I see each day that I just like to draw.

All the books are done by using the wrong hand; my left hand.

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