Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Artty Tee's

Gap Artist T-Shirts

-Shirts as a canvas; Gap Artist edition T-Shirts. 13 Different artist design limited addition T-Shirts. Jeff Koons, Barbara Kuger, Chuck Close and many more.
In May 2008 Gap launched their limited addition t-shirts all designed by famous artist.
This is an example of how art becomes design and then a product but has a sense of being a one off at the same time as they are limited addition.
This is something which I am currently looking in to creating a cross over in to these areas. Art can become a design product or desin product can become a piece of art. but it is about making it clear what it is and then how you show this. I think that these t-shirts are a perfect example of this cross over or thin line between one area and another.
I think that the T-shirt idea of showing the cross over is quit important its like being a die hard fan of a band like Led Zep and owning al the T-shirts. I like the idea of owning a limited products thing which like t-shirts, I collect Records/Lp's original albums not just because I like the music but because I like the art work.
I have currently been in charge of the PR of the University radio station and have been designing T-shirts, hoddies and flyers for the radio and different radio shows. I have been using the influence of "The Wrong hand" to create the designs and it has made me understand just how the cross over can be made with my art and designs.

Artty Tee's for Gap May 2008

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