Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Year Form Me. . . . . .

Happy New Year

So its 2009 and a new year ahead, I actually spent new year in but then went to Brighton to celebrate it for a few days after.
I had never been to Brighton before, I spent tow nights and three days in Brighton, it was supposed to be a photo opportunity to walk around and take lots of photo's which I actually didn't do.
I just walked and wondered around taking in all of the atmosphere that it had to offer.
I found it quite inspirational in a strange way, its so cultural but yet it is completely British.
I loved the second hand shops down side streets, book shops packed with books from floor to ceiling.
The one off shop's which you just know that you would only find it in Brighton, and so many independent shop's selling one off items.
Brighton had quite a fun, cultural and inspiring feel to it, whilst walking around it just made me think of the design label "Red or Dead".


"Red or Dead was started by Wayne Andrew Hemingway Esq and his good lady wife, Geraldine Hemingway back in 1982. They had no money, so they emptied their wardrobes and sold them on Camden market one Saturday and before they knew it they had 16 stalls."

Taken from The Red or Dead web site. 13.01.09

Red or Dead

Thames & Hudson Ltd (Nov 1998)

"The "Red or Dead" team established preconceptions of fashion on their head, making the uncool cool, and saying the unsayable. . . . . . . ."

"The Philosophy of Red or Dead comes from my belief that design and fashion shouldn't be only for the rich. Today the whole population is bombarded by media and people have developed a seance of style or something which once preserved for the few."

By using music and culture and own experience as Hemingways inspiration he embodied the ideology of British culture.

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