Sunday, 11 January 2009

Thoughts so far. . . . . . . .

The wrong hand, The dice, video tapes. . . . . . . .

So I have been using the dice decision and as well as working with the wrong hand and been thinking of things which could be made as products .
Now i am thinking of the work which i was doing before I broke my arm, i have been looking at how the recycled video tapes and thinking of how they can be used but using my new way thinking and working.
I think that although braking my arm was a set back it was also a blessing it made me think and adapt to things.
So first things first; I tried to look ant the matirial that iIam using and tried doing some small experiments by using the wrong hand to shape the video tapes.
I did this by just rolling the video tape to create ball like shapes and then trying to keep doing them to see how many I could make and the difference in shapes.
From this I think that I can go back to where I left off and think about ideas for jewellery whilst incorporating the wrong hand.
This is some of the shapes which I created with the wrong hand. . . . . .

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