Friday, 5 December 2008

The Wrong Hand

The Wrong Hand in stitch . . . . .

So If I could Draw with "The Wrong Hand" and have interesting outcomes what would happen if I decided to try and stitch?

I decided to stitch the drawings on to some plain calico with wadding in between to see what effect would happen and just to trigger some new ideas of what it could be.
It was interesting to see if the stitch effect would have the same feel as the drawings, if they would become vulnerable and raw just like the original drawings.
It was also a way of testing myself just to see how i would adapt to doing something that I do regularly but with a disadvantage.

This is what happened . . . . . .

I found that at first it was quite hard to do just by using the wrong hand but I feel the lack of control made it what it became .

I found that the everyday drawings where better to use rather than the thoughts , the drawings that seam more uncontrolled are much more satisfying to look at for me they have the seance of the journey about them.

Some of these Stitched drawings i can se as other things rather than just a sample, things such as a peg bag or a tea towel.

By doing this task I feel that I lets me see the ideas as products which could be sold or seeing it as something which I would buy, I feel that it has given me more potabilities and ideas.
So far this drawing has been my favourite, a retro tape and i have been thinking of other ways this could be used.

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