Friday, 5 December 2008

"Mechanical Drawing"

"Mechanical Drawing"

I was inspired by the book of the exhibition "mechanical drawing" a Turing exhibition originated by the Manchester metropolitan university. The exhibition illustrates the work of textile designers who use the mechine called "The Schiffi".
The work its self was made up from he project called "The S
chiffi Project" this was to enable people to see how the production possess of a piece of machinery developed for mass production. The ongoing exhibition shows fifteen practitioners and how they have exploited the "The Schiffi" as well as how the machine has been used to push the boundaries of what has been considered to be a drawing.
This Exhibition and piece of machinery shows how links can be made between contemporary practice, historic traditions and industrial pro

What is this machine ? Taken from the web page

"It is a unique, one hundred year old multi-needle embroidery machine capable of mechanically stitching repeat patterns or images across a two-metre wide piece of cloth. The stitched designs are created by moving a pantograph by hand. Such machines were traditionally used to mass-produce commercial embroidery."

It was interesting to read about and see the out come of the work, I am also at a slight advantage as my close friend is part of the project so its interesting to hear about also.
It got me thinking about how my work could be produced in a much more mainstream mass produced way.
Thinking about my "Wrong Hand" work and the illustrations which I have created and how they could be represented and how it would work.
Looking at the different types of drawing and from the exhibition it has made it seam as if anything could be passable and possible to create on this scale.
I think that I should seriously think of ways which I can incorporate my "Wrong Hand" Illustrations in a similer way.
I have already tried to do so by using a everyday sewing machine's but every piece would turn out different.
"The Schffi" project has mad me see working to a mass production out come is possible.

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