Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Wrong Hand

The Wrong Hand Doll

One of the gifts that I designed for Christmas gifts was this one the wrong hand doll.
When I was unable to use my right hand I used my left hand to draw and design things and the wrong hand doll became one of them.
I have three younger sisters so one of the ideas which I came up with for them was to make a wrong hand doll as well as t-shirts designed by the wrong hand also.
The wrong hand doll came about because I was doodling whilst thinking of what to draw instead the wrong hand doll came from it.
I made a pattern from the sketches I doodled and then stitched it together when my wrist was a bit better.
But because the pattern was not as well drawn to start with meant that the outcome would look like it had been done with one hand.
I made a small collection of these dolls and gave them away as gifts to my sisters and friends for Christmas.
I know that they are not amazingly put together but in some way they became special because they were created by using the wrong hand.
They do have a strange vodo doll feel to them but yet they also have a homely home made feel,
each one is different slightly so no one is the same.
I think that as gifts the wrong hand dolls worked for me this Christmas, they seamed to be appreciated especially that they had been made whilst I had only full use of one hand.

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