Saturday, 21 February 2009

Arts For Health Improving health and well-being

"The Wrong Hand" project came about because I had broken my right wrist which was my writing hand. I was left disadvantage for carrying on with my work which soon led to not only being effected physically but also mentally. I found that "The Wrong Hand" work really did help with improving my health and well-being just through creativity.

I have been thinking of how creativity, craft, art and design can help the health or well being of other individuals. I feel that if I had not have carried on with "The Wrong Hand" then both my creativity and development for my MA would have come to a stand still.
I feel that "The Wrong Hand" has become a significant tool for myself to continue. It has been making me think of how it can be translated in a way to help others.

Already I have used "The Wrong Hand" ideas to set a project for my younger sister.
She has just started secondary school, she has been finding some things difficult with personal home issues and starting secondary school. She talks to me on the phone and on line some times and she told me of how she has been feeling sad. I had mad her some wrong hand t-shirts and a wrong hand doll, she found them fun and wanted to know how I made them. I explained that she could do it and create her own wrong hand creature.
So I decided to write to my sister and send her one of my new "Wrong Hand" creatures with a letter explaining how she could make her own.
The one that I sent to here was called a "Hug Bug Thing" which is a hug sent from me to her so she can have a hug from me all the time even if I am not there.

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