Saturday, 21 February 2009

The Dice Man

The Dice Man

I have just started reading the "Dice Man" by Luke Rhinehart. The Dice Man" was first published in 1971; written by George Cockcroft under the guise of his alter ego, Luke Rhinehart, the book attracted a cult following and has remained a popular - and controversial - work, seen by many as subversive and permissive.

"Inspired by an intriguing happenstance, Rhinehart one day makes a decision. He lists half a dozen options then rolls the die to decide which one he should follow. The result pushes his boundaries and opens up a new set of experiences. Bit by bit, he hands his life over to decisions made by roll of the die. The result is a hilarious, amoral rampage of a novel as he infects others with his ideas and injects a pattern of chaos into the chaotic order of his urbane, successful world."

Chance 1.The ways things happen through no known cause or agency; luck, fate. 2. A possibility, likelihood, 3. An opportunity, an occasion, when successes seams very probable.

Verb 1. Happened without plan or intention. 2. Coming or happening by chance

By Chance as it happens or happened without being planned .

Take a chance take a risk act in the hope that a particular thing could happen.

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