Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Connecting Lines and Scribbles

Connecting lines, connecting the wrong hand and video tapes, linking a thread from one to another. After knitting with the video tape, the wrong hand illustrations, stitching and designing products I have been thinking of what links it all together.
When Knitting it is a continues line like a scribble. Creating a continues line drawing or a stitch with thread of images from the wrong hand.

The images created with the wrong had are uncontrolled, it becomes controlled when I stitch it with the right hand.

When working with the wrong hand I became frustrated at times, some of the drawings were messy or unclear to what they represent. I found this interesting the idea of a line which is one thing but could mean another. A continues line which links controlled and uncontrolled together.

What is a line? How long is the piece of string? what determines controlled or uncontrolled?

This is a scribble which became a scribble when I was getting frustrated with not being able to draw so I scribbled all over it. This was actually strangely satisfying, I continued to scribble every now then when I was thinking. I become interested in what is a scribble or a line and the different types of scribbles which I could create.

I decided to play around with different types of pens and creating different types of scribbles, just like the wrong hand drawings especially now that I have no broken arm. It made me think of what would it look like if I stitched the scribbles just like the stitched illustrations.

So I am going to look in to the idea of the controlled line and the uncontrolled line and incorporating text and illustration as part of my final MA work.

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