Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Cy Twombly

One thing which I have looking at recently is the "Wrong Hand" drawings i did whilst my hand was broken. I have been trying to incorporate the wrong hand in with the video tape work, by doing this I created design t-shirts flyers and posters. It got me thinking of styles and out comes of work in an art sense especially on scale, size and what it looks like when it is finished.
I have been looking at artist who are interesting to me in their way of creating a final out come such Cy Twombly.

CY Twombly was one of the artist who I have been looking in to, his work at first appears to be a messy scribble or a piece of graffiti; which actually it is.
His paintings and drawings are a mass of doodles, layer upon layer of paint scribbles and doodling and using all types of medium's. He spends his time developing the doodle, exploring the idea of the line, controlled and uncontrolled then expressing it thorough his paintings.

I have become interested in my scribbles, the controlled and uncontrolled, the idea of a line becoming something other than just a line.

A line, a pencil line a piece of thread I can determine what this can be in a controlled situation and an uncontrolled situation. They can become linked, they can cross over and they can become one.
"The Wrong Hand' work is important I feel it is a missing link for the on going development of my work a necessity for my design development.

Wilder Shores of Love, 1985, Cy Twombly

Untitaled Print CY Twomblys

Untitled (New York City) oil based house paint and wax crayon on canvas Cy Twombly

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