Sunday, 1 February 2009

Things which I have been involved in

Since Christmas have been getting involved with other projects outside my MA but I have been incorporating the wrong hand illustrations and way of working. I have been working with the university radio station and some of the DJ's helping with designing for promotion for the shows. Things such as flyers and promotional hoddies and T-shirts as well as ideas illustrating and art work for linked websites. One of the shows is called Spinninseed, it is trying to work outside the radio also creating a collaboration with music art and design. The show itself is a backdrop of music that creates a platform for the student culture to put forward creative ideas and stories. The radio show is there to get people involved and to feel part of something and getting students heard and keeping them in contact with others.


The word "Spinninseed" was inspired by seeds falling in the wind such as a dandelions being taken in the wind or helicopter seeds or maple seeds falling from trees and being taken in the wind. When the seeds are spinning they fall or it carried far but then they replant creating more plants trees and there for new seeds. and this is continuously ongoing, which "Spinninseed" is trying to recreate but through music, art, design and collaboration.

Here are some of the examples which I was asked to create for "Spinninseed"

This is a CD front and back cover, the CD is a snip it of student life with examples of music, interviews and audio from creative nights which "spinninseed" put on last academic year. Its a real example from people, students, professionals and ex-students communicating the need for collaboration in and out of university. Explaining the need for connection, communication, and collaboration, making the most out of what is on our doorstep.

Example of T-shirt design for the show

This is also an example of another t-shirt for the "Spinninseed" but on this on i have taken a illustration from "The wrong hand" sketch book but put a "Spinninseed" spin on it.

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