Monday, 2 February 2009

Giant knits for Snowy Day's

OK. . . . . . So it is Monday morning the 2nd of February and it is cold outside but the sun is shinning but all over the rest of the country it looks like this . . . . . . .

So it has been making me think just a bit more about some big giant knits which would worm and suitable to ware in today's current weather situation. I think that Giles Deacon Giant Knits are inspiring and well I was thinking of something of a more everyday Knits whit this sort of spin on it.

And her Giant Knits

I found this Designer who creates Giant Knits which are complete fun and have the Giles Deacon feel to them but in a way which everyday people would wear. I love Yokoo's scarf's they are just like a mini duvet which you wouldn't mind wearing everyday, they just look worm and protective. These examples I found on the website Ety ( ) etsy shop.
She creates a range of knits from the giant scarfs to the cozy's, hats, knitted chains and more. I do not know how I could create the cosy feel with the video tape.
I find her work food for thought especially on a snow day like today.

The Woodchip Brown Soopascarf

The Cambridge Chain in Citron

The Vermont Snuggler in Charcoal

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