Monday, 27 April 2009

Poetic stich

Poetic stich

So i have been thinking about poetry and the idea of a thread becoming part of that poem or a story, a continuas line, stich or knit.
I have looked in to artiest/poets who i find inspireing who mix art with poetry, painting with text, illustration with words but in a modern sense for their time.

Laura Dockrill and William Morris are the two most inspireing for me, the play on words but within a creative way that fusees art/design/craft as one with poetry.

I have found this rather intresting cross stiched embroiderd text messeges, which tells a story, i think it is fab.

It's creating a pemerment way of saving all thoes intresting messeges from loved ones and friends.

I found this on it is a whole serries of differnt text messeges all embroiderd as a cross stich which in the end creates a lovely storie so it is really worth the while to look up and read through.

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