Saturday, 9 May 2009

Drawing Workshop

Drawing workshop

As part of our MA we had a drawing workshop that involved lots of different ways of drawing and sketching. The workshop was to get the group comfortable with drawing .
I felt that I was OK with the idea of drawing as was already a big part of my work anyway, and more so after i broke my right wrist as it was incorporated with in most of my work and way of working anyway.
Although I enjoy working as a group and I enjoy drawing and learning new ways of drawing so the drawing work shop could prove to be quite useful . . . . . .

We did a series of different timed drawings together, drawing just lines of what we could see straight in front of us in the space of 8 minuets .

I quick drawing of the objects which had been placed in front of us but drawing it in the space of time of 4 minuets and drawing with a continues line not taking the pen off the paper.

Drawing what was in front of us but drawing it upside down with a continues line

We all used mainly charcoal for the group drawing which was drawing what we could see from behind us. we had to communicate with the people ether side so that the drawing worked well and linked . I found the experience fun and enjoyed it.

We then worked on a large scale drawing as a group where we drew what was behind us so it was almost from memory but not at the same time i have never done this before and it was fun to see us all working as a group and creating something on a large scale drawing.

In the afternoon we all took our sketch books and drawing implements and went to the secret gardens and done some timed drawings and then focusing on certain spots and drawing them.
I think that this was the most important part of the day as it reminded me just how important out side and natural element pay an important part in my work.

I think that it is important for me to remember this and eqknolege the fact that this is so important within my design development. . . .

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