Sunday, 19 July 2009

French Knitting

My French Knitting examples

All theses examples are made from recycled matirials things which i had found, or adapted into a tread, things which were unrivalled to become a tread or leftover matirials abandoned around the place where i work.

I have been experimenting with different types of matirials and French knitting with them on different scales to see what the out come would be for each material.
I created my own French Knitting tool to use from found items adapting to the strength and thickens of the treads which I had previously created, and this is some of the example that i have created. . . . . .

Here are some of the found threads which I had French knitted with to create long tubing

This piece was made from some black wire like material which didn't have much memory in it as it collapsed when it became bigger.

This piece was made from some odd bits of rough wool which I found at the local scrap store, i just joined them together to create a longer thread and then French knitted on a much larger scale. I find that working on a larger scale was fine but took a much longer time to complete a finished piece.

This piece was made from a thick elastic material which had been shredded in to a ball of thread, i also found this at the scrap store. I liked working with this elastic material as when i completed a sample piece and started to play around with it I found that by putting things inside made the kitted item become something different and this opened me up to other potabilities.
B y seeing what else could be incorporated with in the piece was what intrested me more with this material as it could stretch and be formed by other shapes.

I have also looked at creating a thread by French Knitting a Thread to then be re knitted on a larger scale, this is good to do it on a smaller scale as it meant that it took so much more less time to create.

Here I used a verry thin thread to knit with and knitted lots of it, as I was intrested what it would look like with the end stretched into another shape to create an other dimension to the long knitted piece. This reminded me a bi of the tine phones we would create as children although would not work in the same way but had that playfulness about it as it was so long.

This was what intrested me the most as a material, I use plastic bags on a regular basis and was wondering how i could incorporate the same ideas as the previous examples and experiments in the same way but by using plastic bags. I had to prepare lots of bags to create enough thread and with this example knit it on a large scale. I liked this material as when it was knitted together it gave it a different kind of strength, an elasticity strength just like past experiments. And is flexible to be shaped and reshaped as once it has been knitted. This has intrested me enoug to take these ideas further.. . . . . . .

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