Monday, 20 July 2009

My Materials

My Materials

I have been collecting matirials now for a long time, and for me it is always important to collect what there is to had around me as well as this being a source of inspiration.
It can vary from time to time but this is OK as is all part of the idea of working with what I have to had.

My main source of matirials has been plastic bags, this is for many two reasons, one being that for such a long time there was so many and I have always wanted to find a better use for them than throwing them away, and two I found the material so verssaital and interesting to work with I have always experimented with them.

I have colected manny matirials over the last few months and looked at how they can be transformed and worked with to create something new. This has been things such as video tapes, plastic bottles, plastic bags, scrap from the scrap store and so on. By logging the matirials that I have found and then collecting lots I can then start to prep the matirials ready to use. Recently I have been looking at knitting with the matirials and making the matirials into a thread some how.

This is what I have been doing for the last few weeks, collecting and preparing plastic bags, video tape and other waste to French knit with.
It has been easy to do as the environment that i have
been living in is full of students who create lots of waste. This is not always good but brilliant for ma as it a continuse source of matirials for free.

This become an important environment to find matirials especialy as i was working and cleaning in and around the students on a daily bassis. Seeing just how much was thrown away made, and the amount of plastic which was accumulated made me even more passienate about working within this way.

"Making do with what's available to you"

For me this is when I feel most inspired, finding ways to reuse waste material that is Here are some of the matirials I have been preparing ready to use within my work; immediately to hand, and the idea of it becoming to an end makes me even more determined to create something of meaning and educational value, or at lest create conversation.

This is a selection of a few samples of prepared matirials

One way that of preparing, is t strip the bags into shreds so that you create a loop almost then link lots of them together and role it up as if it was a ball of wool.

Twisted loops of red and white bags

Twisted thin loops of black bin bags

Twisted loops of green and white plastic bags

Separated types of bags looped together

Separated bags looped together

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