Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Marianne Kemp (1976) has developed a unique specially in weaving with horsehair.

Weaving new surfaces that are ‘different', not to be recognised as the ‘conventional' weaving, Marianne develops her own techniques in the weaving process.
Using small bunches of horsehair, interwoven with linen or cotton, she creates exclusive fabrics in divers colours and surface textures. The horsehair is sourced from live horses overseas, mainly from the Far East, Mongolia.
In the weaving process she manipulates the bunches through knotting, curling and looping. Because the horsehair has unique qualities like it's shine, texture and length, each final weaving demonstrates an individual and exciting design. Shiny and smooth - organic and wild - flexible and stiff.

Marianne said, "I'm fascinated by the movement of the weavings, how the horsehair manifest in the net of the weaving technique."

The way the light falls on the weaving, plays an important role in the process and to the final product. Each piece of work has it's own unique character through the use of colours and techniques.

All weavings are made-in-house. In addition to working on commissions, she also makes installations for exhibitions. Her woven upholstery fabric is also available as the ‘MK' brand, mechanically woven at John Boyd Textiles, UK.



crawling hedgehogs
My Work;

I love this work as it reminds me of working with video tape thread, knitting with it to create almost like tunnels of material for the viewer to experience.
Here are some examples of some of my recent French Knitted video tape;

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