Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Yoshihiro Suda

Yoshihiro Suda is based in Tokyo. He creates hyper-realistic flowers and weeds from wood. He sets himself the task of making each new work more lifelike than the last. Painstakingly carving and painting each piece, using traditional Japanese tools, he may take many days to complete a single petal or leaf.
I just love them they are so realistic and lifelike, almost as if yo
u would pick them they would start to die. But I just think that his work is just wonderful, I find the weeds more interesting, places that he puts them to display, give more of a meaning to a weed, life and what we class a beutiefull.
I am inspired by the way they are displayed as a weed, forcing its self to grow through the crack in the strong hard concrete.

Taken from
artist statement 1999
"Recently, my actions appear to be increasingly under the control of a power which nobody can explain, whose existence nobody can deny- destiny. Magnolia Grandiflora is a tree in which I have long felt an interest, but it was not until the present exhibition that I actually used it as the subject for my work. However, when I visited the Hara Museum after they had asked me to produce work for an exhibition, I saw the huge Magnolia Grandiflora trees standing in front of the entrance and knew immediately what my motif would be. At the time, the trees were still in bud and I am sure that if I had not been approached by the Hara Museum, particularly at that time of year, this work would never have been realized and would still be floating around unattended in some dark corner of my mind. I do not know whether destiny brought me to the Magnolia Grandiflora, to the Hara Museum or to some other, as yet unknown object. All I do know, however, is that this work is a direct result of this destiny."
Yoshihiro Suda Translated by Gavin Frew

Also seen in Spectacular craft at the V&A

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