Sunday, 23 August 2009

Work Experience, and Workshops

 VJ ing Workshop for summer schools

VJ ing workshop The term "video jockey" is a derivative of the term "disc jockey", "DJ" (deejay) as used in radio. The term was popularised in the 1980s by the music teliveishion network MTV.

A VJ is a Performance artist  who creates moving visual art (often video) on large displays or screens, often at events such as concerts , nightclubs and music festivals, and usually in conjunction with other performance art. This results in a live, Multimedia  performance that can include music, actors or dancers as well as live and pre-recorded video

All the students were shown a documentary  on V J ing and was shown exactly what and how to create a image and a set. They were split up in to small groups some did some dance workshops to be projected in to the visuals and other controlled the music and the visuals from the VJ ing desk.

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