Sunday, 23 August 2009

Work Experience, and Workshops

Post Your Future

One last thing that I asked the groups to do was to right a post card to them self 's, about their stay with summer schools.
"This post card is for you to illustrate what it is that you have most enjoyed about your stay here at Falmouth over the last week. And to explain what you would like to achieve in the future, this can be as outrageous or simple as you like
Make the post card as decorative and interesting as you can, and in a way that represents you."

I was inspired by the pronominal "post secrets"  project

Post secrets all Started when Frank Warren set out with an idea for community art project, “Post Secrets” initially it began as a commission for art installation  in 2004, But has since turned nto a full-time career for him.
In November 2004 he printed 3,000 postcards inviting people to share a secret, something that was true, some thing that they had never told anyone, and post it back. After several weeks he stopped passing them out but the secrets kept coming back.
This idea become his project and in turn captured the world’s imagination.
The instructions were simple, but the results were extraordinary.

He began posting the postcards on a web blog, the secrets were both provocative and profound, the cards them selves become works of art. To this day he has thousands upon thousands of “Post secrets” sent to him, which he has exhibited and had it made into books.


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