Thursday, 20 August 2009

Nrofolk Road

Norfolk Road

I was inspired to take some photos of some cobwebs that were at house I was living in for a short while. I needed to move out by a certain date and a friend of mine put me up for a short while. whilst I was staying there I was so intrigued by the style of the house, the aged and the carature that it had. It felt at times as if it was stuck in a time warp, the walls were over painted and wall papered over and then painted on top again, there was damp patterns around part so of the hours, a broken old shed, an over grown garden and a kitchen to match. every room had evidence of a past life or told a story of time before.
So I started to make a record of all the things that I found interesting, I started with taking rubbing's of the textured walls and then writing about them and how it made me feel. I then took lots of photos of parts of the house, inside and out. this is where I came across all theses amazing cobwebs in the broken old shed and garage and it reminded me of CHIHARU SHIOTA.

Here are some of my Cobweb findings;

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