Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Summer Schools

My work with Summer Schools through Aim Higher

More recently I have been working with widening participation at the university college Falmouth. Firstly I helped to arrange the organisation and running of summer schools set up through Aim higher to inspire young adults with low educational aspirations aged 15 to 17 to consider higher education through a university taster experience. Through doing this I organised the preparation of photography, printing and reflective workshops as well as running them. I gave talks about my work higher education, issues such as student life, study, UCAS application process and related topics and creating discussions talking about why people go to university with both current students and young adults.

The Aimhigher Summer UniTasters are available to students from particular schools in the South West of England who may be wondering about whether to apply to university, or aren’t clear what higher education involves or might be thinking that it’s not an option for them. If you have been given our Prospectus by your teacher it is because he/she thinks that you could well have what it takes to go on to higher education and that you are eligible to apply.

Note: The term "higher education" courses are available through both universities and colleges. They can be full time or part time, residential or non-residential. However, for brevity, in this magazine we will mainly use the term "university" to refer to "higher education". Taken from the website. .

My thoughts. . . . . . .

"Through my experience of summer schools I have learnt a great deal through working with my piers but also through realising just how important the future is for the young adult's we engage with. It has made me see and understand just what drives me, which is helping the educational growth of

In the week each group are on summer schools they are able to take part in a series of different workshops, course tasters, discussions and other activities such as surfing and VJing. I would like to believe that Falmouth offer an individual experience that caters for every child thinking to carry on to further education.

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