Monday, 10 August 2009

"Home Made Pinhole Cameras"

I am just so inspired by Home made ideas which work It takes me back to when I was a child, The "blue peter" effect I suppose. But also how the necessity to reuse is so important, making something from things you can find in your bin to create a camera that takes photographic images to me is something quite special, magical.
I have been researching different types of pinholes that people have made and are successfully in taking photos. I have recently been realising that pinhole photography is still a important passion to me, and that passing on the knowledge of this to others is equally

I am looking into cool ideas to show young students at a secondary school and a primary school different ways in which pinhole camera have been made, as well as the strange and wonderful matirials they have been made from.

Just as the book "Home Made Russian Artefacts" captured my imagination so did these beautiful and inventive home made pinhole camera's /

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CK said...

I noticed you've used a couple of my photos... that's fine, but could you please give me a photo credit and a link back to my site? BTW, the people you got the SPAMera photo from didn't ask permission either, so don't feel bad.

Credit - Chris Keeney
MintyCam -