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Work Experience, and Workshops

Work Experience and Workshops

Over the last 4 months I have been doing work experience with the schools project coordinator working with the university college Falmouth.

I helped with the arranging and helping with the organisation of summer schools which is a project set up by Aim-Higher, finding ways to inspire young adults to consider higher education. One of the things that I had to do was to organise and run a workshops, from the initial idea for the workshop and then running the workshop. I also organised the preparation of photography, printing and reflective workshops as well as running them. I gave talks about my work, higher education, issues such as student life, study, UCAS application process and related topics and creating discussions talking about why people go to university with both current students and young adults.

Through my experience of summer schools I have learnt a great deal through working with my piers but also through realising just how important the future is for the young adult's we engage with. "It has made me see and understand just what drives me, which is helping the educational growth of others."

I would really welcome the opportunity to continue to work within a project that aims to engage in active development in a worthy way. "I am inspired and driven by the desire to make the world we experience a considered and well nurtured one, I believe that the best way to do this is through the engagement of people, community, and education and with that, the development of the generation of tomorrow"
here are some examples of some of the photography workshops that I have been organising with local schools in and around Falmouth and Penryn as well as the wider south west region.

This is the first workshop that I took part in , it was in Ilfucombe with year nine girls, talking about their options and the possabilities of higher education. The work shop was to all do a spider diagram of themselves and all around the edge they had to dec orate the things about themselves and things which they would like to achieve. then in tern we would all talk through what we have wrote and why.

Examples of the ilfucombe further education workshop.

This is the first of the photography work shop's that I had arranged and delivered to Penryn school, they asked for a series of workshops on photography around the theam of movement for there year 9njust thinking about what choices to make.
so I started with a Chemogrames workshop which aloud the school children to see how the
light reactive paper and the dark room chemicals work.
For the Chemogrames they had to go and find a series of different textures from out side such as leaves ectc, then they dunk them into the different chemicals and posses them through the
dark room chemicals as if it was an image.

"Chemogrames" WorkShop

Examples of the chemograme work shop and work

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