Monday, 10 August 2009

Work Experience, and Workshops

"Light Lines Workshop"

"Drawing with Light"

As part of the series of workshops with Penryn School Light lines was one of them, drawing with light the same way that Picasso did;

Light lines is long exposure photography, it can be done in black and white or colour.

I found this website with light lines and the photographer has been drawing with light but in quite and imaginative and expressive way playing with the landscape and placing the light in
the photography as if the lines are meant to be there.


The kids prefer the colourful light lines that can be created, like some of tease.

We set up a dark space in the art room storage room which was like another art room with black out material and set up a camera on a tripod and set it to slow shutter speed.
this is what the kids came up with after giving them some simple instructions. . . . . . .

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