Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Work Experience, and Workshops

Reflective Sessions

One of the summer schools workshops was reflective sessions which we incorporated in with going to a place called Babahogs, here we were able to communicate to the kids in a more relaxed environment. The are able to chill out with a sketch book and pens as well as do some of he tasks given to them when they get to the cafe.

This is a time for them to communicate their thoughts on hire education in a informal way, they can relax with a hot chocolate, tea coffee and a piece of cake and hang out n an environment for students.
A creative hub for both local people and students to network and showcase their work, it was a chance for the kids to see a different perspective on creativities and how it is represented.
I found that this spacee work brilliantly for them to engage in topics relating to higher education
and their future.

"Babahogs Art Café is a non-profit social hub for the arts community situated in Falmouth, Cornwall. We are a coffee shop / gallery. We serve barista made origin coffee, clipper teas, soft drinks and very yummy home-made cake. We offer free exhibition space in our Art Café and a gallery upstairs which is available for hire."

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