Thursday, 20 August 2009

Work Experience, and Workshops

Print workshops

As part of the summer schools each week we did a print work shop, where the students designed their own stencil style design to print on to a t-shirt and a canvas bag.
All designs were thought about before and the students designed ideas in their sketch books before hand at the Babahogs art cafe.
we looked at things such as stencil graffiti, stencil's, and artist such as Banksy, I found that this sort art relay relates to the students.

Mainly as the artist Banksy and his street art has been in the front of the media with his new exhibition in Bristol.

As part of my job I have had to arrange the workshop and then take the work shop , and demonstrate how to print.

The type of printing was screen printing with a blank screen and then using a stencils to create the print.

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