Friday, 21 August 2009

Work Experience, and Workshops

Documenting their week's with SLR Cameras
Summer Schools workshops

All the students on summer schools were inducted on film SLR cameras so that they could document the week from there own point of view. It was interesting as so many had never even seen a camara like this as they were used to cameras on their phones or digital cameras. One student asked me how to look at the photo she had just taken on the camera which was odd to me but just shown how new technology is growing so fast.
Ever student each week was issued with a SLR camera each with black and whit film to document their time at summer school. They were all shown how to load up their campers with the black and white film, they were shown how to work out the light meters, so they can get the light right in the photos for both inside and out side.

Some of the student brought their own digital cameras to take photos of the week .

My job through the week was to make sure they new what they were doing with the cameras showing them different ways of taking photos, i also had a digital camera which was documenting everything.
I allowed each student chance to help take photos with a digital, one of the projects I set them was movement photography her is one of the photographs taken by one of the students that represents movement.

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