Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Wrong Hand

The Wrong Hand

I decided to try and paint with the wrong hand to make presents for family members for Christmas as well as try out some ides for the wrong hand development. All the paintings are acrylic on canvas or canvas board.
This is my attempts so far. . . . .

For me painting is just something which I do to relax and think I am not a fine artist but for me it is a good way to get ideas moving in my head .

This painting is an example of a series of paintings i was asked to do which are made up of lots of squares with different shades of colours and textures on. When all the squares put together make one piece for a wall.

This is just a close up of an aboriginal inspired painting for my brother for his new home.

I decided to try and paint using the inspiration of the work that I have been doing useing the wrong hand , the painting above is lots of different tapes and cameras drawn with the wrong had using different tones of paint and pens.

Here is an example of a series of paintings which are made up of the drawings from the wrong hand ideas. They are acrylic on canvas board to mirror the same series of prints, drawings and sketched drawings.

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